Tortures fish
General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Duke
Debut Sushi Girl
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by Mark Hamill
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You know I hate surprises.
— Crow to Duke.

Crow is a main character seen in the Sushi Girl film.

Film Portrayal

Mark Hamill portrayed Crow.

Sushi Girl

Crow arrives through the back door, he then meets Duke. Duke shows him the dining area and he sees the lovely table and meal.

As seconds past, Max arrives. As the three are with drinks, Francis appears. Seconds later, Fish arrives and the party begins.

As they sit around the table, they notice the masks that they once used. Then, Duke explains the dangers and facts about Fugu. As they begin to eat, Crow notices the Max can't use chopsticks. Fish then explains that he doesn't have the diamonds.

A flashback is seen in which Max loads bullets into a magazine, then Nelson wants to use the bathroom but Francis is inside. Nelson then tells Fish the Vinny Parker story. Duke then distributes the masks. The scene goes back to the present where Crow and Max have taped Fish to his chair.

After Max tortures Fish, Crow gets his turn. Crow uses acupuncture as a form of torture. Crow then gets angered by Fish's comment and hits him with a hammer. In a next flashback sequence; the gang kills Mike and Schlomo steals the diamonds from Morris. Crow then slaps Fish until he awakens.

Max gets another turn and then Crow comes in and touches his wounds and then begins to take some of his teeth out. As he is about to talk, Max beats him dead. He argues with Max and Francis comes out of the bathroom and tries to turn them against Duke. Duke then kills him. Max and Crow then engage in a shoot out. Max is killed by Duke and Duke then finishes Crow.


His best friend is Duke.

Max is his enemy throughout the film.


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