This article contains quotes from Francis.

Sushi Girl

  • "What the fuck is this?"
  • "Who's filling in for the jailbird?"
  • "It's only been six years."
  • "So, it's gonna be one of those nights."
  • "Really?"
  • "You wanna say grace first?"
  • "Laxatives again?"
  • "Everything come out okay?"
  • That's Duke for ya, larger than life."
  • "Come on man, he's one of us."
  • "What if it was you?"
  • "Shut the fuck up !"
  • "Why don't you go nex?"
  • "Don't wanna get your hands dirty?"
  • "No, I'm in, but I'm sitting this round out. I'm in."
  • "Did I ever?"

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