General Information
Gender Male
Affiliations Duke
Status Deceased
Debut Sushi Girl
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by Andy Mackenzie
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Damn it, that felt good!
— Max after beating Crow.

Max is a main character seen in Sushi Girl.

Film Portrayal

Andy Mackenzie portrayed Max.

Sushi Girl

Max arrives moments after Crow. As Duke gives him a drink, he and Crow argues. Then Francis arrives, then,  Fish as well.

They sit around the table and they find their masks. Duke then tells them the dangers of Fugu. As they begin to eat, Max expresses his desire for his cut of the share. Fish says that he doesn't have the money.

A flashback shows Max loading bullets in a gun as he listens to Nelson telling the Vinny Parker story. Then Duke issues the masks. The scene goes to the present day where he and Crow duck tapes Fish to his chair. Fish then has to listens as Duke explains the origin of his timer. Then Max tortures him by crushing one of his ribs with his bare hands.

Later, another flashback shows the heist taking place. Fish awakens then Max gets a bottle and place in his sock and smashes it on the table, scaring Sushi Girl. Max then hits Fish until the timer stops.

Later, as Fish is about to talk, Max loose control and hit him until he dies. Crow then threatens him with a gun and Francis exits the bathroom and he tries to turn Max and Crow against Duke. He is shot by Duke.Max pulls a gun on him and Duke. Max and Crow engage in a shoot out and Max is shot by Duke.


He and Crow are enemies.

He and Crow are enemies.


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