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Sushi Girl Soundtrack.

Old Friends
is a song from the Sushi Girl soundtrack, Sushi Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). It is number two on the soundtrack and it is composed by Fritz Myers.

Sushi Girl

The song plays as Crow meets Duke in the restuarant's kitchen and then plays onto the dining area.

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Sushi Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack Sushi Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Composer/Artists Fritz Myers - Shirley Bassey - Cream - Isaac Hayes - Roxy Music
Songs Diamonds Are Forever - Old Friends - Let's Have a Drink - A Celebration - To Black - They Are Coming, They Are Here - Toad - The Beginning of the End - Choices - Nobody Loves You When You're Being Tortured to Death - Another Trophy - I've Been Waiting - This Feels So Good - Walk On By - In Every Dream Home a Heartache