Sushi Girl
Sushi girl publicity photo
General Information
Occupation Nyotaimori Model
Affiliations Sushi Chef
Status Alive
Debut Sushi Girl
Appearances Sushi Girl
Portrayed by Cortney Palm
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Chance is a real bitch.
— Sushi Girl to Duke.

Sushi Girl is the titular main protagonist of the film.

Film Portrayal

She is portrayed by Cortney Palm.

Sushi Girl

She is seen in the begining of the film. As she is getting ready, Duke enters and tells her to hurry up.

Moments later she lays of the table and the Sushi Chef instructs her before putting the sushi on her.

Througout the fim, Sushi Girl cann be seen on the table. After everyone is dead, minus Duke, he eats the fugu and immediately succumbs to its effects. 


He is Sushi Girl's late husband. She loves him with all of her heart as she is willing to kill for him as we see in the end of the film.

It wasn't specified how she met Duke or what all she had done with him. Duke makes a few references that tells that she is a prostitute by saying that he owns her.

It appears as if he is working for her.


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Sushi Girl
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